By: Stephanie Banat

Students and professors of color at Hofstra have consistently expressed their discontent with the university’s many racial inequities.

Most recently, in April, a resolution was put forth by the Black Faculty Council to hire more faculty members of color. It passed by 75% in a full faculty meeting, while 11 faculty members abstained. However, the school president and provost immediately rejected the resolution.

“We drafted this resolution because there’s only 24 full-time and 36 part-time black faculty,” said Dr. Veronica Lippencott, the associate director of Hofstra’s center for race, culture & social justice, “which only represents about…

Stephanie Banat and Seth Noboa of Hofstra University speak to Denver 7 ABC’s Troy Renck about his journey from the Denver Post to his current position as Denver 7’s Broncos Insider/Sportscaster, the ongoing evolution of sports journalism into the online realm, some advice for aspiring journalists and more.

By: Stephanie Banat

Outdoor dining at Walk Street in Mineola, Long Island // Photo by: Anthony Murray / Garden City Life

New York state has finally made plans to end a multitude of COVID-19 mandates that have restricted our nation for the past year.

“Over the last year, New Yorkers have remained disciplined and continued with the practices we know work to stop the spread of the virus,” NY Governor Andrew M. Cuomo said in a statement on April 28, “Everything we’ve been doing is working- all the arrows are pointing in the right we’re able to increase economic activity.”

Katie Strang, Senior Writer, The Athletic
Stephanie Banat talks to Katie Strang, senior writer at The Athletic, about her experiences as a woman working in sports journalism, gender inequality, sexism, and microaggressions that exist in the field.

By: Stephanie Banat

Students and teachers at The Rosemary Kennedy School meet for virtual class // Photo courtesy of

Covid-19 has created challenging circumstances for all schools, but it makes things especially difficult for special education programs. Administrators at the special education department of Nassau BOCES in Long Island, New York weighed in on the obstacles they’ve endured this past year.

Amy Goldstein, principal of Nassau BOCES special education school “The Children’s Readiness Center”, described the challenges of facilitating remote learning for disabled students.

“Most of these children are not the type that will get on their laptops for class on their own, so family members have really had to become teachers,” said Goldstein. “They’ve had…

By: Stephanie Banat

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The word radical is defined as very different from the usual or traditional, extreme.

Four very different stories by Ragsdale, Keh, Giambalvo, and Merrill describe athletes who chose a very different or “exreme” way of life.

Ragsdale’s article details the experience of a newbie surfer who travels to South America alone for the first time and takes on one of the most dangerous, secluded hiking routes to the beach in the mid-day heat during South America’s hottest season of the year. The very bold surfer, whose name remains anonymous throughout the peice, was warned by local natives…

By: Stephanie Banat

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Abuse comes in many different forms and takes place in various spheres of life — including in sports. Three stories by Kessler, Griswold, and Babb discuss examples of tragic abuse that occurred in three situations involving three different sports.

In each example, the abuse stemmed mainly from the excessive pressure victims felt to become an athlete, or moreover, to become what society considers a “successful” athlete.

In Kessler’s article, main character Conrad Mainwaring is an former olympian athlete who coaches teenage male athletes in track and field and simultaneously, molests them. …

By: Stephanie Banat

Hofstra Cheerleaders Practicing Social Distancing During Practice // Photo Courtesy of Hofstra Cheer Instagram

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic in March of 2020, Hofstra’s cheerleading team has had to adjust to a number of strange circumstances, as the team went an entire year without cheering on campus until their first in-person practice on March 19, 2021.

After finally getting approved to cheer on campus, however, the team had to discontinue in-person practices once again, after their first two practices of the year, due to a positive Covid-19 test found within the program on March 22. …

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Ex NFL player Jeff Hatch was trading Giant tickets for prescription painkillers. This scenario seems to sum up a common phenomenon for many professional athletes, and even regular athletes, who get caught up in the thrilling lifestyle and the many temptations and vices that come with it.

Three stories by Leckart, Ballard and Jeong discuss athletes, former athletes, and team owners who get involved with robbery, drug addiction, and sex with prostitutes.

One thing that all of these vices: robbery, drugs, and sex, have in common, is that they cause an adrenaline rush. …

Stephanie Banat

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